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Glass façade of a unique school in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are an archipelago consisting of 18 islands located between the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is here, in Tórshavn, that Skúlin á Fløtum was established. It is an extraordinary educational institution that, thanks to its original shape and glass façade, has become the showcase of the city. Skúlin á Fløtum […]

Glazing of The Warsaw Hub office complex

Modern buildings increasingly feature equally pioneering architectural and technological solutions. A good example is The Warsaw Hub – a complex of three glazed skyscrapers that perfectly matches the local environment of the Warsaw business district, and thanks to advanced technological solutions, it is an inspiration for architects designing modern office buildings. For the purposes of […]

Celebrate 30 years of Press Glass with us

The year 2022 is a special time for Press Glass – it was 30 years ago that the company started its operations and today it is celebrating this wonderful jubilee together with its employees. It is all the more attractive that the 30th anniversary of Press Glass’ operations also coincided with the celebration of the […]

Easier selection of acoustic glazed units

We have launched an acoustic certificate search engine on pressglass.com website. The new functionality allows to search for acoustic glazed units based on various parameters. What is more, the certificates can also be downloaded as PDF files. The search engine is part of the soundproof glass configurator system, thanks to which you can easily and […]

Glazing of a new student accommodation and office complex in London

In the near future, a modern student accommodation and office complex in the London district of Vauxhall will be officially opened. In the completion of this investment, consisting of two buildings, 10 thousand square meters of glass produced in Press Glass plants were used. The location of the facility at 103 Miles Street is not […]

Transparency and responsibility for the environment. Press Glass in the CDP database

Sustainable development, transparency and environmental responsibility are values ​​that are important to us in our business. For this reason, we have decided to use environmental reporting according to the best world standards. From July 26, 2021, the international CDP database, which includes, for example, information on greenhouse gas emissions, also includes data about Press Glass […]

Noble gases and thermal insulation in windows

Modern windows are required to have excellent performance properties, especially high thermal insulation. Both investors and manufacturers are looking for solutions that will allow to achieve the best parameters and create functional protection against unnecessary heat losses. The insulating glass unit (IGU) consists of two or more glass panes joined together by a spacer and […]