40 acoustic insulated units in our offer

4 new products have been added to our offer of acoustic insulated units and now we can provide our customers with as much as 40 various acoustic insulated units with STC coefficient in the range of 31-52 decibels (dB).

Our offer now covers the following insulated units with the STC index of 44, 47 and 48 dB:

No. Structure [mm] STC [dB] OITC [dB]
1 12,8 (Lami. 66.2)/16/4/16/6 44 35
2 12,8 (Lami. 66.2)/16/4/16/9,5 (Lami. 44.4) 47 33
3 13,5 (Lami. 66.4) Acoustic/14/12,8 (Lami. 66.2) Acoustic 48 38
4 12,8 (Lami. 66.2)/16/4/16/27,8 P8B 48 37

Lami. – laminated safety glass
P8B – layered laminated (anti-burglary) glass (grade according to EN 356)

The presented results of tests for new acoustic insulated  units are confirmed with certificates, mandatory and recognised on the European and American market.

The range of PRESS GLASS insulated units now includes a new triple-glazed acoustic glazed  unit with the following structure: 12,8 (Lami. 66.2)/16/4/16/27,8 P8B, which has been tested for acoustic insulation. The P8B symbol means that a layered laminated (anti-burglary) glass according to EN 356 was used in the glazed unit. As Tomasz Ślusarek, Senior Quality Specialist in PRESS GLASS, explains the acoustic insulation tests performed on the glass respond to the individual and clearly identified needs of our Customers.

“Our Partners make glazing in different building structures and that is why PRESS GLASS offers such a wide range of acoustic insulated units. We support our Customers and deliver products which live up to their expectations – products whose quality is confirmed by relevant certificates”, explains Tomasz Ślusarek.