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20 Massachusetts Avenue – Washington D.C. is a Perfect Example for Thermal Protection and Solar Control

Circa 1973, this building bid farewell to the days of concrete dominating the facade. Now, the building boasts a sleek and modern exterior, thanks to the infusion of 200,000 square feet of 1-inch IGUs using 6mm Solarban 72 Acuity. Once functioning as governmental office space, it has now been transformed into an upscale, mixed-use marvel! This revamping earning it the “Best Renovation” award by NAIOP DC: 20 Massachusetts Ave NW awarded “Best Renovation” –

The dynamic visual appeal of the fully tempered glass is a testament to glass fabrication by Press Glass Inc. focused on quality and precision. This upgrade enhances the aesthetic appeal, solar performance, and the views from within.

Furthermore, the interior and exterior spaces have been thoughtfully reimagined to cater to a diverse range of uses, reflecting the fluid nature of modern urban living. From commercial to residential, this multipurpose facility embodies the essence of versatility and adaptability of glass in construction today.

Performance Data is important and the low-e glass in 20 Mass has great numbers!

  • Solar heat gain coefficient: 0.27 – these windows are keeping a lot of solar heat rays out to maintain optimal internal cooling temperatures during the summer
  • Winter U-value: 0.23 – these windows are also helping to insulate the building and keep warm during the winter
  • Visual light transmission: 67 – natural light is something everyone wants in any building and the windows in 20 Mass are filtering in a lot of natural light!

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