An acquisition of two factories of the Pilkington group and Cervoglass™ in the United Kingdom

PRESS GLASS SA announces that its subsidiary GLASS SYSTEMS GROUP has acquired in the United Kingdom two Pilkington group factories and their order book. Those factories have been producing insulating glass units for the residential market. The acquisition was formally proceeded by GLASS SYSTEMS North Limited, a company intentionally created for this purpose and directly dependent on PRESS GLASS UK Limited.

The factories are located in Cumbernauld near Glasgow and in Barnsley. The factory in Cumbernauld is to operate as GLASS SYSTEMS Scotland, the factory in Barnsley is to operate as GLASS SYSTEMS AG.

GLASS SYSTEMS North also acquired Cervoglass™ offering conservatory glass.

This acquisition increased to 20% (rough estimate) the share of the GLASS SYSTEMS GROUP companies in the residential market in the United Kingdom.  Thereby the GLASS SYSTEMS GROUP strengthened its position of the largest insulating glass units manufacturer in the United Kingdom, making it possible to supply a full spectrum of sealed units nationwide.

All companies and factories of the GLASS SYSTEMS GROUP are part of  PRESS GLASS SA when acquired in September 2015 by its sister company PRESS GLASS UK Limited.

Nowadays, the GLASS SYSTEMS GROUP operates in six factories, located in the United Kingdom in Swansea, Port Talbot, Cardiff, Peterborough, Cumbernauld, and Barnsley.

PRESS GLASS SA company also offers in the United Kingdom wide portfolio of products for the commercial market under its original brand PRESS GLASS.