Clearshield Durability Guidelines & Recommendations

Clearshield Durability Guidelines & Recommendations

ClearShield Glass Protect Durability Guidelines and Recommended AfterCare Performance ClearShield Glass Protect provides very effective and long-lasting protection, making glass always much easier to clean and keep clean than unprotected glass, resisting staining and maintaining clarity and visual appeal much longer.

Unprotected glass can quickly and easily suffer permanent bonding of organic and inorganic air- and waterborne contaminants such as limescale/mineral salts, unburned hydrocarbons, metal oxides and silicones, causing staining and physical damage. Keeping the glass clean becomes very difficult, if not impossible, despite regular washing.

As a result, clarity and visual appeal of the glass are spoiled. Harsh and abrasive cleaning methods and compounds create further damage and accelerate the degradation process. Durability Guidelines As a general guideline, the service life of ClearShield Glass installed in vertical exterior glazing is up to 10 years*.

The durability may be longer for interior glazing. Please contact your supplier for advice of durability guidelines for other applications. Recommended After-Care On average ClearShield Glass requires cleaning less than half as often as unprotected glass. To optimize the performance and durability of the unique protection, we recommend that you base the frequency of cleaning by halving your current cleaning regime, and either increase or decrease it as required.

We strongly recommend the use of our Glass AfterCare products for routine cleaning, a specialist and non-alkaline, non-abrasive, water-based cleaner. NOT TO BE USED: Abrasive cleaning methods, pads and compounds or highly alkaline cleaners should not be used on ClearShield Glass. Glass protected for life ClearShield Glass performs indefinitely if a simple re-application is carried out once its performance becomes noticeably reduced in terms of ease of cleaning and resistance to staining. The re-application can be carried out in the field either by a manufacturer’s representative or using a DIY kit.


* The durability of the special protection may be affected by harshness of the environment and the type of cleaning compounds and methods used. Such matters are outside the control of the manufacturer. ClearShield Technologies, LLC, 1941 North Hawthorne Avenue, Melrose Park, IL 60160 Toll-Free Phone #: 866 372 532 ; Fax #: 708 615 1999 Email: ; Web: