Glazing of The Warsaw Hub office complex

Modern buildings increasingly feature equally pioneering architectural and technological solutions. A good example is The Warsaw Hub – a complex of three glazed skyscrapers that perfectly matches the local environment of the Warsaw business district, and thanks to advanced technological solutions, it is an inspiration for architects designing modern office buildings. For the purposes of this project, we have supplied a total of over 9 thousand square metres of large-size insulated glass panes.

The Warsaw Hub is a complex of three buildings, including two 130-metre-high office towers and an 86-metre-high shopping facility. According to the design of the Polish AMC architectural studio – Andrzej M. Chołdzyński, the office towers are connected by a common platform. The complex offers a total of 75 thousand square metres of office space, and the whole is complemented by 6 underground levels. In March 2022, the complex was purchased by Google Poland for EUR 583 million.

The facade of both towers was made in the system of elemental glazing, where the finished aluminium elements together with the insulated glass panes were delivered by the processor from the production plant to the construction site and mounted directly on the building facade. On both towers, triple glazed units with a Stopray Vision 60 T solar control coating were used, limiting the amount of light and energy in summer and keeping the building warm in winter. For the glazing at levels 0 and 1 of both towers, we supplied about 5.3 thousand square metres of triple glazed units with large dimensions nearly 5.7 metre high. The third building (the smallest one) was constructed in an aluminium window system. For the glazing of this building, we have produced 2.7 thousand square metres of large-size triple glazed units with a height of nearly 3 m and the same spectrophotometric parameters as in the towers.

The tower complex was built in one of the most dynamically developing parts of Warsaw. The simple yet futuristic construction also refers to the significant development of Poland over the last three decades after regaining independence.

The complex belongs to the group of buildings distinguished by the highest technological advancement. For example, a unique Signal OS IT system is used in the buildings, and the integrated management systems are controlled by the AI-based system of Google Cloud Platform. At the same time, The Warsaw Hub provides the highest level of safety and is environmentally friendly, which is confirmed by the certificates obtained.

The construction of The Warsaw Hub began at the end of 2015 and was officially completed in June 2020.

Photos: Bartosz Makowski