PRESS GLASS invests in Osprey Inspection System

Driven to guarantee the highest quality tempered glass, PRESS GLASS invests in an Osprey 9 Complete for their new US plant.

From their beginning, Press Glass has been motivated by a clear vision to build a modern, dynamic and globally active organization, that contributes to the development of their business partners by offering products, services and solutions of new, better qualities and values and creating valuable job positions.

Press Glass commenced its operations in 1991 in Poland. Within the next ten years, Press Glass established itself as a leading producer of insulating glass units in Europe. Press Glass’ current production exceeds 93 million ft.2 of glass units annually and works with hundreds of regular clients throughout North America, Europe and around the world.

To guarantee the highest quality, Press Glass believes in constantly expanding and modernizing their machinery to gain and maintain their technological advantage. That is why it was no surprise that Press Glass chose to invest in an Osprey 9 Complete Anisotropy and Distortion inspection system for their brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Virginia, United States.

Since no correlation can be drawn from anisotropy to predicting distortion measurements, or vice versa, both phenomena need to be measured. With real-time 100% inspection by the Osprey 9 Complete, problems are exposed immediately and can be addressed before production time is wasted, or worse, bad products are shipped. The Osprey 9 provides assurance and confidence by achieving quality measurements of every manufactured part.

The Osprey 9 Complete measures all types of iridescence, white haze, average residual stress, and all types of distortion, not just roller wave or edge kink.

Since 1999, LiteSentry has been developing technologies to solve the hard problems of inspection and measurement for glass fabricators. Our tools provide automated, accurate, 100% on-line inspection of flat glass and plastic sheets for manufacturers around the world. At the heart of our business is a passion for new technology that solves our customers’ most difficult challenges.